Applying The Benefits Of Copper Nanowires
26.11.2016 15:11

Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Copper Nanowires | Image Resource : cdn.phys.org

It is only recently that people discovered the benefits of Copper nanowires. They can greatly reduce the potential display manufacturing cost of mobile phones, electronic readers and iPads. Scientists can also be assisted to build foldable electronic products and improve the performance of solar cells, has entered the commercial stage of manufacture. Films made from silver or copper nanowires are promising candidates, exhibiting high conductivity and optical transparency in addition to being flexible.

Another industry that uses these nanowires is that of food chemistry. It is a much talked about topic nowadays and an interesting field to venture into for young aspirants. The applications of copper nanowires in food chemistry are ingenious and widespread. Interestingly many chemical compounds have a wide application in the field of food chemistry that scientists are never tired experimenting with different chemical compounds.

Advantages of Using Carbon Nanowires

Most printed electronics applications rely on some kind of ink formulated with conductive materials. Silver nanowires, due to their superior conductivity and intrinsic flexibility, have become a popular choice for fabricating the required flexible and stretchable electrodes. The use of copper which is much cheaper and more abundant as an alternative electrode material to silver would dramatically reduce the cost of these nanowire materials.

One can notice that the demand of copper nanowires is increasing day by day in various fields. Whether it is medicine, industries, food, or any other sector, the Cu wires are highly used. Moreover, CNTs represent a very small, high aspect ratio conductive additive for plastics of all types. This provides better loading in plastic materials. Nevertheless, it still may be difficult to find the best supplier who sells these at the most affordable the rates. But, the online medium helps you to find such suppliers easily.

Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes applications

Benefits Of Copper Nanowires | Image Resource : acsmaterial.com

Despite these advantages, Copper-based Nanowires face a serious bottleneck for future practical use in flexible and stretchable optoelectronics, although they are nearly as conductive as silver, this conductivity is not stable. Researchers have successfully shown how conductive Copper Nanowires elastomers fuses with superior performance stability even under conditions of stretching, twisting, oxidation and bending. These nanoproducts have made the applications of science very interesting and hold a major significance in day to day lives.

Applications Of Nanowires Made From Carbon

1. They can be used for EMI shielding, high power alloys and strength metals. Copper nano wires are even used in the diet supplements which result with quick results.

2. The nano copper wires are even considered as anti fungal, anti biotic and anti microbial agents, and bring many results when these are included in the textiles, plastics and any coatings. They can be used in conductive materials as well.

3. Researchers have found that they work best as lubricant additives too.

4. The cu particles are used as substitutes to be used for displays, film applications and in electronics as well. It can be used in chemical reactions as catalysts as well, and also in methanol syntheses.

5. Many of them make use of copper wires in processing of the non ferrous and metals.


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