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06.10.2016 16:58

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Nanoparticles with their different structures and forms have managed to earn absolute limelight in several horizons. Indeed several mechanisms contribute to the formation of the different forms of nanotechnology.

The methodologies include- fast self-assembly, soft and hard templating, modified Stober method, dissolving-reconstruction and modified aerogel approaches. Nanoparticles prepared by observing these methods demonstrate good control of morphological structures, particle size, uniformity, dispersion etc. with their distinctive features, they exhibit predominant utility factors.

Different Forms of Nano Lubricants

When it comes to witnessing the different forms of the Nano family, the chain is ceaseless. One of the most prominent characters that have down the line gained prominence like its counterparts are the Nanoparticles lubricants. These revolutionary forms of the Nano technology serve as immensely crucial agents in a world where the gradual decrease of size and dimensions of devices is threatening its efficiency of performance.

To be more precise, these forms of the Nanotechnology aid in the durability, friction as well as the adhesion capacities of the micro-electromechanical equipments with their reduction in sizes. Thus they are indeed one of the smartest ingredients in the contemporary existence.

After rigorous researches in the domains of nanotechnology, scientists have helped to realize the multiple functionalities; these nanoparticles are capable of delivering. The several kinds of Nanoparticles lubricants that have gained prominence under the scientist’s studies are Nano powders of Diamond and Graphite, Tungsten and Molybdenum Disulphides as well as hexagonal boron nitrides.

In the fields that were dominated by traditional lubricants, the nanoparticles oriented lubricants are capable of replacing them with their absolute tenacities. Usually the lubricants that resorted to the usages of phosphorus as well as sulphur were classified in the categories of traditionally used lubricants formations. Initially the production of Nano lubricants was restricted by certain synthesis limitations. However with growing scientific developments, these barriers have gradually faded and the several mechanisms of synthesis have resulted in the successful production of lubricants in bulk proportions within cheaper prices.

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Several Applications of Nanoparticles Based Lubricants

When lubricants are infused with the power of nanoparticles, they consequently achieve a finer degree of efficiency in performance. Indeed these Nano lubricants serve as protective shields for the concerned devices making them less vulnerable to the exposure of extrinsic damages. The nanoparticles orientations aid in the changing of the viscosity capacities of the several lubricants which thus leads to the formation of a surface shield that is thick enough to withstand any sort of threatening damages.

Redefining Standards of Filtration: When it comes to the several functions of the lubricants with nanoparticles, the primary importance is definitely its proven capacities in the automobiles industry. In the traditional methods of filtration, the filter paper was a prominent entity to remove the contaminants.

However its usages were limited to the factor that it lacked the capacity to capture contaminants of the minutest sizes. However with the application of Nano lubricants in the oils, the capacity to get hold of even the smallest entity was ensured. Moreover these lubricants also sharpen the ability to hold the contaminants for a longer time.


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